Monday, 8 August 2011

Streets and Forts

Spanish Name

French Name

English Name

Calle del Infante

(after the Spanish Prince)

Rue des Trois Chandelles

(after the three candles that burned at the Masonic Lodge)

Duncan Street

(after the British Admiral)

Calle Principe

Rue de l'Eglise

Nelson Street

Calle de San Jose

Rue de la Place

(after the market)

George Street

(after King George III)

Calle de Santa Ana

(after the river)

Rue de Sainte Anne

Charlotte Street

(after Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III)

Calle Herrera

(after chief of police who lived there)

Rue Neuve

Henry Street

(after Prince Henry)

Calle de San Carlos

(after King Carlos II of Spain)

Rue des Anglais

(after the Vaughan Affair)

Frederick Street

(after King George III's son)

Calle de Chacon

(after Governor Chacon)

Chacon Street

Plaza del Marina

Rue de la Marine

King Street, Marine Square, Independence Square, Brian Lara Promenade

Calle de San Luis

Queen Street

Calle de Astuvias

Duke Street

Calle de Santa Rosa

Prince Street

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