Wednesday 7 September 2011

Timelines of Grenada's and Haiti's history

Grenada History

1498 - Island sighted by Christopher Columbus
1609 - London merchants attempt settlement, fails due to Caribs
1650 - Martiniquan governor du Paquet purchases island from French company and establishes a settlement at St. George’s
1674 - French annex island
1762 - British capture island, formally ceded to England in 1763
1795-96 - Rebellion against British causes massacre of British and execution of ringleaders of uprising. Jules Fedon, leader of revolt, is never caught. Grenada remains British

Haiti History

1492 - Christopher Columbus takes possession of Hispaniola
1493 - La Isabela, first Christian town of the New World, is established
1496 - Santo Domingo becomes new capital
1520s - First African slaves arrive
1620s - Times of French pirates and buccaneers
1685 - Publication of Code Noir
1697 - Hispaniola divided, Spain cedes Haiti to France by Treaty of Ryswijk
1777 - Borders between Haiti and Santo Domingo defined by Aranjuez Treaty, later entire island ceded to France by Basle Treaty
1791 - Slave revolt. Toussaint l”Ouverture assumes leadership.
1801 - Toussaint declares Hispaniola autonomous.
1802 - French punitive expedition, war of independence, capture of Toussaint
1804 - Haiti proclaims independence, Jean-Jacques Dessalines becomes governor for life, is declared emperor in 1805, is assassinated in 1807
1807 - Henry Christophe is elected president, proclaims himself as king in 1811. Southern part of country secedes under Alexandre Pétion, civil war
1820 - Christophe commits suicide
1821 - Haitians invade east
1844 - Dominicans expel Haitians; Haiti and Dominican Republic become separate nations. 22 autocrats rule Haiti in the next 68 years

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