Friday 26 August 2011

Life back then

Historical Events - April

1st Inland postal orders come into use in 1905
2nd Wm. W. Cairns, C.M.G. becomes governor, 1874
3rd Port-of-Spain Brotherhood formed with 66 members, 1910
4th Siparia Races, 1913
5th Lt. Gov. Walker arrived, 1860. Princess Marie Louise arrived, 1913
7th Lord Brackley’s Team left, 1905. Sporting Chronicle started, 1907.
9th Presentation by governor to Lt.-Col. J.H. Collens on retirement, 1914
10th Foundation stone of Greyfriars Presbyterian Church laid, 1837
11th J. Bell Smyth died (Eng.), 1905 General Sir I. Hamilton inspects forces, 1911
13th Governor Sir Henry George McLeod arrived, 1840
14th John Joseph died, 1901. First wireless mast erected on wharf, 1913
16th Athletic Sports Scarborough, 1906. Harrison Col. Cricket Team arrived, 1909
17th Gregor Turnbull died, 1879
18th Princess Marie Louise opened New Marie Louise Hall R.V.I., 1913
19th St. Hill’s Cricket Team arrived, 1899
20th John George Haynes died, 1910 Princess Marie Louise left, 1913
21st Klark-Urban Dramatic Co. began

Performances, 1913
22nd Lord Harris arrived, 1846
24th Edward Everard Rushworth D.C.L. (Administrator) 1866
25th Governor Le Hunte and party left for Bolivar, 1912
26th Governor Moloney and party visited Sangre Grande coal borings,1902
27th Prudentia arrived, first oil tank steamer (loading 1,128,755 gals), 1911
29th James Drennan (San Fernando) died, 1905
30th Conrad F. Stollmeyer died, 1904. Government took over Floating Dock, 1910
Source: Franklin’s Yearbook of 1916
Tobago Chronolgy Part 3
compiled by C.R. Ottley
1841 First steamship of Rlyal Mail Steamship line arrives
1843 Metayer system of sugar cultivation established at Prospect estate
1847 Hurricane sweeps the island
1851 Governor Ross dies as a result of falling from his carriage
1852 Land tax introduced
1854 British troops withdraw from Fort King George

1855 Constitution amended. Privy Council and Executive Council set up
1856 First public hospital built
1871 Franchise estended to all land-owners
1872 Disestablishment of the English church
1874 Single chamber act introduced. Twon houses of parliament replaced by Tobago Legislative Council
1876 Belmanna riots at Roxborough. Police routed. Tobago becomes a Crown colony. Legislative Council abolished.
1885 Barbados separated from federation. Tobago’s headquarters moved to Grenada. Grenadians settle in large numbers.
1889 Tobago linked with Trinidad under a Commissioner.
1899 Tobago made a ward of Trinidad
1900 First telephones installed.

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