Wednesday 17 August 2011

Historical Tidbits

500 Years ago:

1500: Trinidad is on the European maps for two years, since its discovery of Christopher Columbus. It is inhabited by Amerindian tribes.

400 Years ago:

1600: Conquistadors are passing through Trinidad in search of El Dorado. The little town of San José de Oruna (St. Joseph) is 23 years old and got got destroyed five years ago by Sir Walter Raleigh, 1595

300 Years ago

1700: Francisco Ruiz de Aguirre arrives in Trinidad as the 20th Spanish Governor of Trinidad. In 1702, the Spanish import the first African slaves to our shores. Pirates plague the coastal settlements in the Caribbean.

200 Years ago

1800: Governor Picton puts a ‘Code Noir’ into place to govern the slaves of the island. With some amendments, this set of rules remained law until 1824 when it was greatly improved. That same year, on the 10th August, H.M.S. ‘Dromedary’ was wrtecked on the ‘Parasol Rock’ off the island of Huevos. All 500 passengers and crew were rescued.

100 Years ago:

1900: The first automobile appears in Trinidad, as well as the first Carnival bands with costumes, a banner and a motto.

Historical Events - January

3 Dedication New Wesleyan Church, Mt. St. George, Tobago, 1912

4 First meeting Canadian trade committee, 1910

6 Foundation stone for New Tranquillity Wesleyan Church laid, 1906

7 St. Hill’s cricket team arrived, 1901

8 Trinidad cricket team left for Barbados, 1912

10 Greyfriars Presbyterian Church opened, 1838

14 King George V. visited Arima, 1880

15 Foundation stone Holy Name laid, 1905

17 King George V. visited St. Joseph, 1880

18 Dedication of marble font All Saints Church presented by W.G. Gordon, 1914

19 International cricket tournament commenced at Oval, 1910

21 King George V. visited San Fernando, 1880

23 Frank Boland, first aviator in Trinidad, killed in 1913

24 Agricultural demonstration to conference delegates, St. Clair 1912

25 Governor Lord Harris left 1854

26 Governor Robert William Keate arrived 1857

28 Port of Spain Agricultural Show 1910

29 Borough arms emblazoned, presented to City by Leon Agostini, 1873

30 First local performance of ‘Maritana’ at Victoria Institute, 1911

31 Public meeting to protest against abolishing Borough Council, 1899

Prices of yesteryear (1916)

Letter post

Not exceeding on oz. in weight: 1d

For every additional oz.: 1d

Postcards: half-penny

Reply postcards: 1 penny

Printed papers: 1/2d per 4 oz.

Parcels: 1lb - 3d, 5 lbs - 9d, 10 lbs - 1/4 1/2

Income at the Immigration Department

Protector of Immigrants: £800 per year

Chief Clerk: £200

Chief Hindustani Interpreter: £200

Chief Tamil Interpreter (also Telagu interpreter):£150

Chief Messenger: £50


Hackney Carriages: £1 s.5 per annum

Other Carriages, per wheel: s.5

Motor Car, not exceeding 1,600 lbs. in weight: £2

Motor Cars, exceeding 3,600 lbs.: £10

Motor Cycle: £1

Motor Van, Lorry or Omnibus: £10

Tram Car: £10

Cart crawn by one donkey: s.15

Bicycle or Tricycle: s.5

Every vehicle kept in any premises shall be deemed to be kept for use, until the contrary is proved by the owner of such.

Banker’s licence: s.1 per ann. for every £500 of subscribed capital

Pilot’s license: £1 per annum

To sell Opium and Ganja: £10 per annum

Firearm - to carry a pistol or rifle: £1

Dog - to keep in Port-of-Spain or in Boroughs: s.8 d.4

- to keep elsewhere: s.4 d.2

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